My Education Journey

Class I to IV: 619 No. Rangachara LP School, Baksa, Assam (2001-2006)

My educational journey began at this school, most likely in 2001. There was only one teacher who taught four classes. The medium of instruction was Bodo, and I learned the basics of A, B, C in class III. When the teacher taught class IV students, we, the class III students, used to climb trees, go to buy sweets with 1 Rupee in our pockets, write assignments while sitting under the trees, read textbooks in a circle under the trees, and play with friends. Those were the most beautiful moments of my life. The connectivity between the village and the town was very poor, and there was no electricity until 2015.

Class V to X: U N Academy Barpeta Road, Assam (2006-2012)

I enrolled in this private Bodo medium school starting from class V. It was a significant shift for me as I moved to a nearby town and experienced hostel life for the first time. Despite the school's lacking infrastructure, the quality of education provided was commendable. I remained a student here from 2006 to 2012.

Class 11 &12: Dronacharya Academy Barpeta Road, Assam (2012-2014)

I studied class 11 & 12 (science) at this college from 2012 to 2014, where the medium of instruction was English. Initially, adjusting to this new language was challenging for me, having studied in a different medium previously. However, I managed to successfully transition and achieve favourable results.

B.Tech: CIT Kokrajhar, Assam (2014-2018)

I studied my B.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering at this esteemed institute from 2014 to 2018. Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar (CIT K) stands as a prominent public technical university, its roots tracing back to its establishment in 2006, with generous funding from the Government of India. The institute provided a conducive environment for academic growth and practical learning, shaping my educational journey profoundly.

M.Tech: IIT Ropar, Punjab (2019-2021)

I joined IIT Ropar after qualifying GATE. I studied M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering at this institute. I moved to a different state for the first time to study away from home. 

Ph.D (PMRF): IIT Ropar, Punjab (2021-Present)

After M.Tech, I joined PhD in IIT Ropar and continued my research. In 2nd year, I have selected for the prestigious PMRF Fellowship (Prime Minister's Research Fellowship). During my PhD, I also co-founded a startup, Neontram Pvt Ltd with my friend and supervisor. It is a BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) funded startup which has received fund from Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India.